Laminate surfaces can offer many benefits beyond durability, design, and price. Pionite, our laminate brand (sold exclusively at NBH in OR), constantly innovates with new products, finishes, designs, and collections. Find out more about which options will work best for your project here.
Below, we’re sharing two new finishes from Pionite that will add an extra element utility to your design: an all-new antimicrobial finish and a smudge-resistant finish. Have questions? We’re ready to answer! Send us an email or give us a call: / (503) 233-5381. Our phones are on 8am to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri, and our showroom is open by appointment. 

Reimagine Protection

Introducing Aegis Secure (AS). Panolam’s newest specialized finish. Everything you love about the Suede (SD) finish, with added antimicrobial additives that serve to protect your surface from deterioration caused by a variety of microorganisms.

All of Panolam’s HPL products naturally do not support the growth of microbes, but the Aegis Secure finish takes it one step further by including an anti-microbial additive, which helps further protect the laminate from mold, mildew and the growth of microbes.

No matter how good the finish, nothing keeps a surface free from bacterial like cleaning.  Aegis Secure is an easily cleanable surface with superior wear resistance, so it will stay looking great cleaning after cleaning.

While it may be a new finish, Pionite hasn’t sacrificed those other important features to achieve it.  Choose from hundreds of colors across a range of thicknesses, scratch and scuff resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and all at a highly competitive price.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Wear Resistant
  • Available in all HPL colors, patterns, and grades

Contact us today for a sample or to place an order: (503) 233-5381

Smudge and scratch resistant surface solution with an ultra-matte finish for high traffic environments

Introducing the Panolamn Flawless™ Collection, a surface solution that provides smudge and scratch resistant with an ultra-matte finish. Flawless is a durable surface product for high traffic, high touch areas such as countertops, cabinets, furniture, panels, interior doors, and partitions.

Available in five versatile and affordable colorways, Flawless offers superior wear resistance and protection of the laminate’s color, and also superior abrasion and scuff resistance for added protection during fabrication and installation.

With the technology infused into the laminate and not a top layer, Flawless provides an impact resistant, highly durable and easy-to-clean surface eliminating those troublesome fingerprints and smudges you see on regular surfaces.

Offered in high pressure laminates (HPL), the Flawless Collection is suitable for many market segments including corporate, retail, healthcare, and hospitality.

High-traffic areas will look their best for years to come! Give us a call to order! (503) 233-5381. Email: