NBH  Machinery

Adding a machine to your shop can potentially save you time and hard work, and increase your profits over time. Your salesperson can help you find the solution your needs best, then our NBH machinery technicians can assist with installation and maintenance.

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We’ll figure out how to strategically automate your shop for maximum results.

Our goal at NBH is to help free your time to focus on what’s most important to you.

Investing in technology for your shop increases your capabilities and streamlines your efficiency. Our knowledgeable technicians work to protect that investment for you with their factory-trained maintenance and repair skills, and their experience in research, part-sourcing, and problem-solving.

Services Offered
NBH machinery technicians are specially trained to help:

  • Install and set up a wide variety of woodworking machinery
  • Train your staff to use your machinery for your business’ application
  • Plan and perform preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning machines

With each service, expect:

  • Clear explanations of care instructions, issues, and work performed
  • Commitment to finding customized solutions for your business needs
  • Proactive communication

Preventative Machinery Maintenance Program

To prevent damage and help ensure optimal function of your woodworking machine, your NBH technician will examine, clean, and adjust each critical component. Services booked as a part of this maintenance program are provided at a rate of 25% off the standard fee. If service beyond the regular schedule maintenance is required, your technician will provide you with a complimentary estimate.