Pionite Laminate Healthcare Collection

A well-designed space can reduce stress and help both healing and care progress smoothly. Creating a comfortable, patient-oriented environment that is equally efficient and appealing can be a challenge; using laminate-based surfacing can ensure you have the right materials—for both aesthetics and performance—to get the project done right.

With laminates, you’ll be able to create a harmonious, calming atmosphere, while allowing healthcare professionals to rely on their surfaces for:
-Ease of maintenance
-Resistance to bacteria
-Impact resistance
-Resistance to scuffing and marring
-Chemical resistance
-Class A flammability rating (for many options)

With the vision of creating calming spaces, Pionite has put together a curated collection of surfacing solutions featuring designs ranging from solids to abstracts, woodgrains, and digital styles. These visually soothing designs are available in many laminate options to customize for your use. Click on an option below to learn more.

A Picture of Good Health
For fast-paced, high-impact, high-traffic environments

Pionite also offers fiber-reinforced wall panels that provide high-impact protection much higher than rigid vinyl and greatly reduce smoke and flame spread. Other products critical to healthcare include chemical-resistant laminates that protect against caustic compounds, and thicker laminate choices to use for structural stability while carrying through decorative themes. Expand your creative vision with custom digital graphics; deal for wall murals, feature walls, headwalls, wayfinding and elevator cabs.

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