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NBH# 2536, List Price: $659.70
448KB-BCSC-9C Soft-Close Knife Block Base Organizer

Perfect for storing varying sizes and brands of knives.  The 448KB organizer comes with BLUMOTION soft-close slides. This unit features two universal knife inserts, four flexible plastic cutting mats, stainless steel utensil bin, and an adjustable shelf.
-Designed for frameless full height base 12” cabinets.
-Minimum cabinet opening width:  10 – 1/4”

NBH# 2535, List Price: $170
4WUT-36-1 Utensil Wood Drawer Insert

Organize kitchen drawers with Rev-A-Shelf’s wood utility tray insert. The 4WUT Series is made of classic maple hardwood with a UV cured clear finish to ensure an acceptable match to any kitchen cabinet. This modern-day clutter solution requires a simple drop-in installation with various sizes that may be trimmed to fit your drawer size. Dimensions: 33-1/8”W x 22”D x 2-7/8”H

NBH# 2525, List Price: $170
4WUTCT-36-1 Cutlery/Utensil Combo Wood Drawer Insert
Conveniently store all your cutlery, and utensils in this unique drawer organizer. The 4WUTCT Series designed for 36″ or smaller base cabinet drawers. This natural maple trim-to-fit insert features drop-in installation and ample space for your utensils and cutlery with up to ten static and two adjustable storage compartments. Dimensions: 33-1/8”W x 22”D x 2-7/8”H

NBH#2524, List Price: $164.28
4SDI-36-1 Wood Spice Drawer Insert

Keep spices conveniently stored in a drawer by the stove with this spice drawer insert. With a tiered configuration for total
organization and easy access, this insert is constructed of natural maple wood. It may be customized to fit various drawer sizes up to 36″. Dimensions: 33-1/8”W x 19-3/4”D x 2-7/8”H

NBH# 2519, List Price: $677.28
445-VBOSC-8C Vanity Base Outlet Organizer
This bathroom cabinetry organizer allows you to store and power curling irons, blow dryers, and more.
-Designed for face frame 12” full-height vanity cabinets
-9-5/16” Minimum opening width
-Dimensions: 9-5/16”W x 19-3/4”D x 26-1/4” H
-Two shelves with acrylic accents
-Full-extension, TANDEM, 110 lb. rated soft-close BLUMOTION slides
-Two compartments, two stainless steel bins, in-drawer receptacle with two 120V plugs, anti-skid lining.

NBH# 2522, List Price: $480.70
4VOD-18-SC-1 Face Frame Vanity Outlet Drawer Insert

NBH# 2521, List Price: $475.15
4VOD-18FLSC-1 Full Access 

Make the mess of a cluttered vanity a thing of the past with a vanity outlet drawer. Store hair dryers and curling irons in one easy to access location. Additional compartments are perfect for organizing products. With the integrated outlet, you always have a free receptacle to plug items in. Natural maple.
-Full-extension, TANDEM soft-close BLUMOTION slides.
-Two compartments, two stainless steel bins, in-drawer receptacle with two 120V plugs, anti-skid lining.
-Designed for 18” vanity base cabinet drawers.

NBH# 15958, List Price: $6.05
563-32 C Towel Holder Chrome Wire

Store dish towels where you need them; right under the kitchen sink. This towel holder is made of wire and fastens to any cabinet door holding up to three dish towels.

-Perfect for kitchens, laundry room or vanity cabinets
-Easy to Install
-Holds up to 3 towels
-12.75″W x 3.5″D x 6.5″H

Everstrong Adhesive SAN19 Industrial Strength Disinfectant Spray Cans
NBH# 35020, List Price: $22

Use for disinfecting washable hard nonporous surfaces such as:
tables, walls, and floors, to include finished woodwork, vinyl,  plastic, metal, or fiberglass surfaces.

-For industrial use only. Read caution before use.
-Ingredients: Ammonium Chloride, Inert Ingredients. Contains 0% Chlorine.
-Also available in industrial spray canisters if a larger volume is needed.

NBH# 2538, List Price: $30
SB-16 T-Brace BL 16” T-Brace SpeedBrace in Black

NBH#2537, List Price:$24
SB-11 T-Brace  BL 11” T-Brace SpeedBrace in Black

This T-Brace is the perfect way to create the illusion of a free-floating shelf that is strong enough to support over 300 pound per pair. Ideal for new construction but can be used in remodeling when an access hole is cut in the drywall for attachment. Features: 1/4 to 3/8” steel, mounting holes on both sides.

Fastcap Blue Dog Square Woodworking Square
NBH# 2540, List Price: $35.00

The Blue Dog Square allows you to scribe fast, accurate lines with ease and eliminates awkward alignment.
-It has 5 rotatable dogs built in the arms, allowing the edge of your material to be found instantly.
-It can be used immediately on flat surfaces as the dogs return into the square when laying on any surface.
-The Blue Dog Square can even hang on vertical panels while resting on the dogs, providing an accurate reference line with no fumbling or tilting the square to rest on the edge.

Pride Industrial Vertical Double Coat Hook in Matte Black
NBH# 2541, List Price: $5

Length: 2″ / 50.8mm
Width: 30mm
Projection: 78.5mm
Center-to-Center: 3/4″
Finish: Matte Black